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Noyes Records is releasing eight 7" singles over the next 10 months as part of our new Singles Series. Each record will be by a different artist and each record will be pressed as follows:

100 on color vinyl
200 on black vinyl

The colour vinyl will be only available through us as part of a subscription series (ensuring you get all 8 records). The black vinyl will also be available as a subscription, but will also be available through limited distro channels and on merch tables across the planet. Each record will come with a download code for your digital needs.

Subscriptions cost $40 + shipping (free for Halifax, more for everywhere else) for the ten months*. You'll get the records plus other goodies like pins and posters. You will also receive a promotional code which gives you 25% off the Noyes store for the duration of the series. The promotional code is good for everything that we have in stock with the exception of the series itself.

NRSS-001 - DOG DAY - "Scratches" b/w "Belle" and "Give Me Light". Purple vinyl.
NRSS-002 - COUSINS - "Secret Weapon" b/w "Speech". Red vinyl.
NRSS-003 - WE NEED SECRETS - "Purple" b/w "Slow Summer". Light blue vinyl.
NRSS-004 - LONG WEEKENDS - "Don't Reach Out" b/w "Show Your Face". Green vinyl.
NRSS-005 - HOMO DUPLEX - "On or On and On" b/w "Caramel Kite". Yellow vinyl.
NRSS-006 - COLD WARPS - "Don't Haunt Me, OK?" b/w "Stuck on an Island". White vinyl.
NRSS-007 - DOUG MASON - "Boogazi" b/w "Sonic Juice". Pink vinyl.


SHIPPING: it's a little expensive. If you live in Halifax, choose the 'Halifax' option from the drop down menu and pick up your records at Obsolete Records at 2454 Agricola Street, Halifax.

*We are going to try our very best to make sure that these things come out on time. Sometimes things happen that might get in the way, but you will get all of your records as soon as humanly possible.

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Pressing Information

300 copies of each record - 200 on black and 100 on a color specific to that release. A limited number of black vinyl will be sent through normal distribution channels and sold at shows, but the real purpose here is to create a solid set of music that documents the year for Noyes Records.

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