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Through walls of crushing guitars, mammoth bass, pummeling drums and threatening overtones,VKNGS loom like goliaths. More than eight years in the making, the band celebrates the release of their debut full-length on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

The album from the Halifax-based post-hardcore noise rock outfit is an arresting onslaught of tracks melding aggression and melody, angular riffs and sludged out breaks, unwavering volume and deliberated purpose.

Co-released by Noyes Records and Acadian Embassy on clear 12” vinyl, the record is a long-awaited LP from the band whose members have previously been part of groups such as North of America, The Holy Shroud, Union of the Snake, Jon Mckiel, Jimmy Swift Band, Adrenaline, and Gorbage.

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  1. Eleven
  2. Ten
  3. Sixteen
  4. Eighteen
  5. Seventeen
  6. Nineteen
  7. Seven
  8. Fifteen
  9. Thirteen
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