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Kestrels - The Moon Is Shining Our Way PXP004

An import from the's the POST/POP blurb:

POST/POP's 4th release is a ltd edition tape from Canada's greatest export... KESTRELS! Last seen supporting ASH in various places, Kestrels are Chad Peck, Devin Peck (bass), and Paul Brown (drums).

Tim Wheeler from Ash even played guitar on their last album and you can't beat some Wheeler guitar. This is the first batch of new songs for TWO YEARS so it really is something special.

This white-shelled cassette is limited to only 50 tapes so it is likely to disappear fast.

check out more from the Kestrels boys at

Thanks for buying POST/POP and check out my other releases because they are likely to be amazing/incredible*

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50 on white cassettes.

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