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Ash - The A - Z Series (3xLP) NR-033

This is the definitive version of The A - Z Series as curated by the band. The vinyl includes 27 tracks pressed on high quality virgin vinyl at RTI in California. The jackets are foil stamped. Included in the package is a 4 panel insert and a download card for the following items:

- The 27 singles
- All bonus tracks (20 + songs)
- The Little Infinity EP (7 cover songs)
- "A is for Ash" - 50 minute documentary about the recording process and first A - Z tour

All audio files are available in the format of your choice (including lossless formats FLAC and ALAC).

For more information on the series, visit this link:

SHIPPING NOTE: Ground shipping has proven to be far too unreliable. As such, Air Mail is the only option for all territories.

Pressing Information

First pressing: 500 copies on clear vinyl


  1. Return Of White Rabbit
  2. True Love 1980
  3. Joy Kicks Darkness
  4. Arcadia
  5. Tracers
  6. The Dead Disciples
  7. Pripyat
  8. Ichiban
  9. Space Shot
  10. Neon
  11. Command
  12. Song of Your Desire
  13. Dionysian Urge
  14. War With Me
  15. Dare to Dream
  16. Mind Control
  17. Insects
  18. Binary
  19. Physical World
  20. Spheres
  21. Instinct
  22. Summer Snow
  23. Carnal Love
  24. Embers
  25. Change Your Name
  26. Sky Burial
  27. There is Hope Again