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We Need Secrets - Purple b/w Slow Summer 7" NRSS-003 | NR-024

The We Need Secrets installment of the Noyes Records Singles Series. We Need Secrets is Chad Peck.

"Been listening to an awful lot of Halifax guitar-rock this week, partly to sustain the contented tingle that still lingers after spending five splendid nights last week at the Halifax Pop Explosion, but mainly because – as I’ve said before in this space – that city knows how to do noise right.

Further evidence arrives in the form of We Need Secrets’ new EP “Purple”/ “Slow Summer,” the latest in the same Noyes Records limited-edition 7-inch series that gave us Dog Day’s smashing Scratches EP earlier this year. One-man band Chad Peck is maybe a wee bit obvious in his absolute veneration of My Bloody Valentine, but that’s not the sort of thing I hold against people and “Purple” gets the mix of sighing sugar and over-amped abrasion just about perfect. B-side “Slow Summer,” for its part, marries the kick-you-in-the-guts low-end heft and disorienting bend of, say, MBV’s “Slow” to a boyish, buoyant pop vocal melody that brings to mind Superchunk at its scrappiest or – if you’d prefer a “Wild Hali” reference or two – Peppermint/Smeared-era Sloan or early, fizzy Thrush Hermit. Mmmm. Only 300 of these kickin’ around. Get on it! Oh, and there's a short story inside the sleeve. Value added."


  1. Purple
  2. Slow Summer

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100 on light blue, 200 on black.