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Noyes Records - Instant Back Catalog

It's time to clear the decks.

This package deal gets you one of everything we have left in stock.

As of 14 December 2013, this includes:

Cold Warps - S/T and Endless Bummer (2nd pressing, grey vinyl)
Doug Mason - Boogazi 7" (black vinyl)
Veneers - Similar Stories (12", milky white vinyl)
The Memories Attack LP2 (cd)
The Got To Get Got - Sahalee (cd)
The Got To Get Got - Canadian Arts Collective Blues (cd ep)
Kestrels - Seaside (7", white vinyl, no coverl)
Kestrels - The Solipsist (7", black vinyl)
VKNGS - S/T (12" EP, clear vinyl)
Cursed Arrows - Telepathic High Five (cd)
We Need Secrets - Purple/Slow Summer (7", black vinyl)
The Medium Mood - New Alarm (cd)
A History Of - Action in the North Atlantic (cd)
Union of the Snake/Stalwart Sons split (7", black vinyl)
Homo Duplex - On or On and On (7", yellow vinyl)
We Need Secrets/Sea Glasses split (7", black vinyl)
Long Weekends - Don't Reach Out (7", green vinyl)

plus old show posters, pins, and whatever goodies we can find.