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The Got To Get Got - Canadian Arts Collective Blues/Huge Zig Zag

First EP from TGTGG.

If you haven’t heard the hype, we have a new Canadian collective: the Got to Get Got. Started in Vancouver by Mark Mullane of North of America, what began as some extra songs soon spiralled in to a huge group collaboration with 18 contributors. On paper it sounds pretty respectable, with former or current members of Baby Control, Animal Names, Germans, the Memories Attack, the Just Barelys, the list goes on, but the songs sound pretty conventional. Of course they are exciting with group chants, crashing cymbals, flourishing indie rock build-ups and unique melodies but they sound rather ordinary for a band with so many talented minds. "Tenerlife” is fun dance rock for Tokyo Police Club of Fratellis fans but on "Mass Murder Weekend” the band sound strung-out and a little uninspired. "Blood Test” is the strongest of the four songs, as it’s catchy, innovative and tends to explode — the way Canadians like their indie rock — which hints that TGTGG are nowhere close to reaching their potential.